Thursday, July 7, 2016

Setup PBM LAN printer

Dear Mr. Giveaway,

You may be able to get it work by changing the IP address of the printer.  This is a highly technical job, so you may need a LAN  technician  to help you to do this.

Currently the printer IP  is, that is the default address, but that need to be change to  Assume that you have this ip address open. Give it a try.

Step one,

download the PBM -80- EthernetSet.Zip and unzip it, then you get the Ethernet.exe

Step two.

Disconnect the Internet,  Attache the printer, now the network is not working anymore.  run the Ethernet.exe and change  the ip address to

You can only do this once.

Step three.

Attach the printer  to the Router now,  Connect the computer back to internet,   Run PBMDRVsetupv4.0 ,  printer installation  by using IP address  Test the printer before you use it in the POS application.

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